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I have to thank the following people who have made a big impact on my life, there will be many more I have forgotten, but you know who you are,  love you all.

                        My sons Jon and Joel

                        Grandaughters Sky/Summer and Hallie and Grandsons Sonny and Sebastian.

                        Paula Fairhurst Carmichael  [Partner/Carer] x

                        My Brother Michael and Wife Maureen.

                        The Maguffie Family in Australia.

                        Jay Foster and Brian Lindop for ongoing support

                        Tommy Dunne [B.E.M] and Joyce Dunne

                        John Claeys [Thailand and Jon Macormick [Thailand]

                        Hatch film Company

                        Jason Biggs

                        The Bala Boys

                        Dunnies club and metal box club

                        thred Group Liverpool

                        Dr Sarah Buchard and Jill Pendleton and staff. [Mossley Hill Hospital]

                        Michael and Lorraine Burke

                        Probably a thousand more I cant think of at the moment, again, you know who you are, love you all,                                                        above us only sky  xxxx

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