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Same Man

Song about Dementia, and always being the same person you always were, and always will be through all the tribulations of Dementia.

Kiss Your Tears Away

About being awoken by your loved ones with a kiss when you pass over. Whether theres a Heaven or another dimension to travel to, its an idea to embrace. As John said, Above us only sky, perhaps he may be right.

The Answer

When I was in London with my partner, and I upset her and walked out of our Hotel, and ended up just walking for ages and ended up at St Pauls Cathedral with a band of homeless Alcoholics, and realised how fortunate I was not to be in their position, so I asked for a cure of St Paul and then bought them a cup of coffee and gave them some money, and went back to my warm bed, and the woman I love.

Birdy's Last Walk

My dear friend from Australia came to visit me in Liverpool, he never made it, he died 100 yards from my door, I still feel the guilt, a few minutes more, perhaps I could have saved him, we used to go walking together when he was home, we visited every pub in Liverpool, don't half miss you kidda, a gentleman if ever there was one. Shine on you crazy diamond, you were not the type for recriminations and tears, so we had a ball doing this in Fockers Bar in Speke, it would have been rude not to.

White Hotel 

Loves lost lamented, then found again outside the White Hotel.

Close The Door

Im quite proud of this little ditty, I did the piano in two takes at Crosstown Studio then went for my brekky for half an hour whilst  Jon Lawton tweaked it, this was one out of a few that took four hours to do, well he is a slave driver!!!

Bad Town

Just a fun ,zany song about being different  in  a town full of hoodies, and meeting  some girls who wished to go and live in Vegas.


A little song about living with Dementia, filmed at my sons house with my adorable grandchildren, Skye,Summer and Hallie xxx

Fun afternoon in Chirk.

My Old Friend

In Sefton Park, reminiscing with old friends and carers ,and the sadness of friends lost to this disease. The beauty of the Park and Palm House is a place the people of Liverpool go to for Peace and quiet.

Bridge of Love

Crossing that bridge of Love, when things are not going that good.

A View By The Riverside

Went to London when I was 17 to work, amongst other places. Ended up living with the alkies in a blue tent  by the river!!! I didn't last very long, but it was an experience.

Just Wanna' Dance

Disco and a few Pints at the Metal Box Club, silly song, good day out and great film by Hatch Films.


The invisible cloak of Dementia hangs over us like a shroud. People talk over our heads and think we cant answer, people hide from us because they don't know what to say any more, the stigma haunts us, so, we become social pariahs.

Mexican Wedding

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